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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who am I?

I'm a busy person in a hectic world, struggling to stay healthy. I am a teacher in my twenties, with full days and late nights. My husband and I own two businesses, which keep us extremely busy. He has never had to diet one day in his life. In fact, he has trouble gaining weight. If only I had THAT problem. I, on the other hand, gain weight just thinking of chocolate. I love to eat vegetables and lean meats. Unfortunately, I am ever-so-tempted by the cocoa bean. Chocolate, my friends, is my pleasure, my indulgence, and my obsession. I have, however, made a wonderful discovery... Allow me to share it with you. The "low-carb craze," as it is commonly called, is the most successful lifestyle change that you can ever make. I won't call it a diet, because it really isn't a diet. It's more of a life-changing experience. It takes a committment, but once you make that committment, and stay low-carb for a few months, you find that low-carb is the best for you. Within a few days, you'll notice that you feel better, and soon, anything sweet that you consume will taste like you are eating sugar out of a bag. It's an amazing process that can transform your body along the way. Follow me into battle and watch, as I am Winning the Carb War!

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