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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Substitutions Are Easy

It can be difficult to stay low-carb when you have others who live in the house that don't stay low-carb. For example, when your spouse has no desire to change his or her eating habits, it makes it tough for you to change your's. However, with more and more people going low-carb (because they have learned the benefits of this lifestyle change), companies are coming out with products that can help you to stay on track.

Splenda- It's an awesome sweetener that is made from sugar, and just processed differently. You can use it to sweeten just as you would sugar. I make sweet tea, lemonade, and kool-aid that my husband and I can both enjoy.

Bryer's Carb Smart Ice Cream- My favorite is Rocky Road. With 1/2 of a serving, a handful of ice, and the Hood chocolate milk that I already raved about, I can make a great milkshake.

Low-carb Jelly- Both Smuckers and Polaner are making these sugar-free versions. They are great to keep in the refridgerator for a PB&J.

Flavored syrups- DaVinci makes a great sugar-free syrup to help flavor your drinks.

Whipped Cream- Land O'Lakes makes a whipped cream with almost no carbs.

Bread- There were some great low-carb breads out there that my husband and I both enjoyed, but lately I have had trouble finding them. If you know where to get Pepperidge Farm or Arnold low-carb bread, please let me know.

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