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Friday, December 28, 2007

Just How Many Carbs Can I Have?

There are different varieties of the low-carb lifestyle. Some people will tell you that it is best to stay under 30 carbs per day. Others will tell you to limit yourself to 60 per day. While neither of these ideas is wrong, listening to someone else's opinion is.

Lowering your carb intake in any way is going to show some results. Going to 60 or less carbs per day, when you used to consume over 300 carbs per day is going to help you shed some pounds, as well as get your energy level to rise.

Lowering your carb intake to 30 per day, or less, is a more drastic reduction from the 300 plus carbs that you may have been eating. This will cause you to see more dramatic results. You will notice almost immediately the weight coming off.

It is true that lowering your carb intake in any way is going to give you desired results. You are not going to see 50 pounds melt off miraculously overnight. You will see, however, gradual and desired results at a steady pace.

Remember, though, that you need to do the plan that works best for you. You must stick to this way of eating to have success. "Cheating" on this "diet" will detour your weight loss. With that in mind, weigh out your options. Even though the results may be better with 30 carbs or less, you may not be able to adhere to that. If this is the case, you need to concentrate on 60 carbs or less, because in the end, you'll have a higher success rate than constantly failing at staying below 30 carbs daily.

Good luck. Here's to your health.


Monica said...

I've been reading your posts for a while and am going to give the 3-day no carbs a try. I've been starting to loose weight but it has been slow going. I eat less in order to have the carbs, but I am tired all the time. I've done the 5-day low carb thing in the past with amazing results and just needed some encouragement to do it again. Then I really limited the carbs after that and was able to keep loosing.

I realize that I am so addicted to sugar so I will probably be going through withdrawal in the next couple of days. Not looking so forward to that.

I'll come back and let you know now it's going.

Anonymous said...

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