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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Low-Carb Tunnel Syndrome (LCTS)

This is too funny. While researching information this morning about the reasons to live a low-carb lifestyle, I came across an article. I found the information inside to be a little disturbing, but very entertaining. It turns out that Dr. Howard Peiper has made a contribution to the low-carb lifestyle. He has given a name to people who choose to live low-carb. He has diagnosed people who only eat low-carb foods with a disorder. These people are said to be suffering from Low-Carb Tunnel Syndrome.

This was one of the funniest things that I have ever come across. I choose to eat in the way that is best for my body, and my health, and I get labeled as having a disorder. Upon further research, I found that Dr. Howard Peiper has written books about low-carb. One of his books is a guide to low-carb eating. To me, this was too much. Someone who supports the low-carb lifestyle has gone and labeled the people who choose to follow the low-carb lifestyle. It sounded to me like Dr. Howard Peiper was in need of creating a little publicity for himself. I guess it worked, though, because here I am talking about him, and here you are reading about him. Go figure.

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