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Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Little Workout Advice

This may not be about low-carb, but it does have something to do with weight loss. Finding just the right music to listen to while working out is something that can have quite an affect on your success with exercise. Choosing music that motivates you is the best way to give your workout the kick that it needs. You can read more about this at the Calorie King website.

Sometimes, deciding what music you want can be a problem, though. To solve this problem, I took the easy approach. I did the famous "Google Search." I searched, via Google, for other people's suggestion to the best workout music. I came across a huge variety of what other people choose to listen to while working out. There were some suggestions that I took, and others that I wondered, "Can they be serious?" After coming up with my personalized list of music for my time on the treadmill, or elliptical, I went and downloaded the music, legally, of course, and made my own CD. Actually, I made three different CDs. What can I say? There were some great suggestions out there, and some of the suggestions made me think of other songs I wanted. Now, with three CDs, I can use a different one each time I workout, and never get bored. Hope these suggestions can help you to rev up your monotonous workouts.

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