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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Importance of the Almighty H2O...

I'm going to take just a minute to do something that I don't often do. I am going to preach to you about the importance of water. Water is the source from which life comes. Water does many things for the body that are key to its functioning right.

For example, did you know that water acts as a lubricant for your joints? Not many people realize that they need the hydration that water gives in order for their joints to function at their best.

A lack of adequate amounts of water can also lead to poor muscle tone, as well as muscle soreness. This is obvious if you work out hard without staying hydrated, because it can cause your muscles to be twice as sore.

Without enough water, your body can build up toxins that are detrimental to your health. Your body needs hydration to consistently flush out the build up inside. Water is needed for waste to be removed. Lack of water can cause the waste to increase, and form kidney stones.

The most important reason for most people to take a look at their daily water intake, however, is the idea that water is linked to a healthy weight. Water is a vital part of digestion, as well as metabolism. Without enough, you could be keeping excess body fat. Here you are, watching what you are eating, but you are sabotaging all of your efforts by not consuming enough water.

The reason I am taking my time to remind you of this, is because I, myself, just evaluated my water consumption, and it was no where near where it should be. I have spent the past two days getting my body used to hydration. I hope you will look at your water habits, and maybe spend a few days getting your body back into hydration mode.

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