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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Had a Bad Day Again...

Bad days are contagious, but hopefully, everyone around me has had the vaccine. It seems as though I have had more than my fair share of bad days in the last week. I do realize, though, and take responsibility for the fact, that I have let them turn into bad days because of my own negative attitude. There have been some unfortunate events that contributed to these days, but, ultimately, it was me who chose to let them alter my outlook.

I am not bringing this up so that people can pity or feel sorry for me. I am simply segwaying into the suggestion that, even though it might be tough, you should not let the "bad day" ruin your healthy eating. It is so easy to just go home after a tough day, and get out the 1/2 gallon of Breyer's Chocolate ice cream. However, there are other ways that you should deal with your problems.

The two main ways I like to relieve my stress are both therapeutic, as well as healthy and contribute to getting in shape. First, I like to journal. This is therapeutic, because I can get a lot of feelings out on paper. It's contributes to getting in shape, also. The way that it does this, is I journal what I have eaten each day. If I notice that I am higher in carbs than I should be, I do tuna for dinner. If I notice that I haven't had enough water, I try to remedy the situation. Journaling is a fantastic way to relieve stress. I also like to take a walk, long or short. If I have the time, long is great. I don't always have the time for a long walk, but even a short one will relieve stress, and burn calories along the way. I also, when I have the time, like to get in a little yoga. The slow, intense stretching, and deep breathing are very relaxing. It's a great way to get, or stay, fit. Journaling and exercising are helpful in keeping my stress level in tact.

Everyone has a bad day, but the important thing to remember is not to let it ruin what you are working towards. I have been struggling lately, and maybe you have, too. We can make it through this, though, and be better people because of it. (I probably sounded a little like a motivational speaker just then, but I sure could use some inspiration, and it seems to be coming out in my writing.)

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Thrifty Florida Mama said...

Thanks for the motivation. I hope your bad days are behind you. Keep smiling 'cause there is only 12 more days of school!