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Monday, May 5, 2008

Suit Up

When you decide to go into the battle taking place between you and carbs, it is important to get out your armor. The armor that you need for this battle is knowledge. You need to research low-carb living, and make sure that you understand what it's all about. There are many different books out there that are dedicated to low-carb dieting.

Research around, and find the version of the low-carb diet that will be the most successful for you. You want to choose the one that will help you to lose weight in a timely manor, but at the same time, you want to choose one that you and your willpower have a chance of sticking to.

Find certain foods that are low in carbs and appeal to you most. You may find that there are foods that if you keep them on hand as often as possible, you have more success. Pepperoni slices are a good example of this. They, along with a few slices of cheese, are convenient and low-carb/high protein. Snacks like this can keep you on track throughout the day.

Another helpful tool for this battle is a menu plan for the week. The hardest thing about being low-carb is trying to find a spur of the moment meal to eat. If you plan in advance, your chance of succeeding is much higher.

Just remember, never go into battle without your armor. Make sure you understand what low-carb is, and why you can benefit from it.


mssharonjnsu said...

I am a teacher also and find that I had to lose weight this year to just feel liking working with my Pre K class so I am doing low carb..I do feel some low energy days and would like to know what you do for that? also, how do I add the mufas and stay under the 1600 calories when they are so high cal with the high fat? a trick to me. But I see the reason to add some and still keep to the low carb..I can gain as much as two pounds per day??yes when I stop the low carb middle just sort of swells up and I feel really bloated. I thought it was yeast products but it is all the starches..I can never go back. I want to know how to incorporate the mufas and what are the lower cost, low carb meats? Thanks for your help Tiffany. Sign me running four year olds faster, Sharon

Tiffany Ludwig said...

Let's see...on low energy days, I incorporate a cup of coffee with Splenda and low-carb creamer. I also put some Hood Calorie Count chocolate milk, which is low-carb, into my coffee. I also love low-carb Fuze, which is a fruit drink full of vitamins and minerals. (tune in to today's to learn more on Fuze) As for calorie count and MUFAs, I think it would be difficult to be low-carb and stay low calorie. Trying to stay under 1600 calories may be the reason your energy is low some days. I know that if I tried to stay under 1600 calories everyday, and eat low-carb, I would be hungry almost always. I tried the low calorie, low-carb for a few weeks, and I could not keep my carb count as low as I wanted, so I went back to strictly low-carb. I choose MUFAs over low calorie, based on results. When it comes to meats, and prices, I try to watch for sales, and then I tend to stock up on the lower priced meats. Bacon is cheaper than sausage, so I choose that at breakfast. Frozen rolls of ground turkey are inexpensive, so when I am trying to stick to a budget, I substitute ground turkey in place of ground beef. Also, a meat that is lower-priced, and lower calorie (as well as very high in protein) is canned tuna. It's also convenient to have around. I like to keep tuna in the fridge with eggs and a little mayo at all times. It's great on celery, or even by itself. I hope this helps you, good luck with everything. Tiffany