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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Low-Carb Link

Attention Men: This blog will help to benefit your health.

This is not to say that female readers need not continue. I may not be a man, but I have many men in my life that I care about, and after reading an article about low-carb diets, I have contacted them all to remind them to pass on the potatoes and macaroni at dinner tonight.

Research shows that a diet high in carbs contributes to a more rapid growth of prostate tumors. It seems that having too much insulin in the blood contributes to outcomes in patients who already have prostate cancer not being as favorable. Basically, if you or someone you know has already been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it would be beneficial to maintain a low-carb lifestyle. High-carb yields higher insulin levels, along with more weight gain, and what appears to be quicker tumor growth. Though the studies were conducted on mice that already had tumors, it can't hurt to think in preventative terms.

In studies that were conducted for determining the affect that carbohydrates have on the growth of prostate tumors, the overall result was that "diets associated with reduction in insulin level may have benefits for prostate cancer patients..." This is a direct quote from the authors of the study.

This is a promising discovery. It may be true of all tumors. Wouldn't it be great to know that the "low-carb craze," as it has been dubbed by many skeptics, is helpful in slowing the growth of cancers? What a world, huh...

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