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Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome to my Life!

Again, I have let a month go by without posting. I really can't say much as an excuse, except that I have gotten back into the habit of walking, which takes up much of my afternoon. So, my day goes something like this:

5:30 I rise and shine and hop into the shower.
6:00 Baby M usually wakes up on her own, but sometimes my husband or I have to wake her. She takes a bottle while I pick out something to wear and blow dry my hair. Then, she gets her breakfast, which usually consists of fruit and oatmeal. She's not eating it on her own, yet, so that involves my husband or me.
6:45 If my husband takes Baby M to the sitter, he leaves at 6:45, and I leave for work at 7:00, which means I have a 15 minute window to clean house a bit, or make bottles. If I take Baby M to the sitter, I leave at 6:45 for the sitter's house.
7:30 I arrive at work to face my other 80 children, my fifth graders.
3:00 I leave work and head out for my favorite part of the day. This is when I get to pick Baby M up from the sitter's. That is absolutely the best feeling, when I walk in the door and she sees me. We make eye contact, and she gets this beautiful grin on her face. It's magical. There are no words to describe how much I love that moment.
4:30 We get home from the sitter's house, and usually Baby M needs an afternoon snack, so again, she has a bottle, while I clean out her diaper bag and wash bottles.
5:00 We usually lay down for a snuggle time and her mini nap on the couch. Usually, when she nods off, I get up and get changed into my walking gear.
6:00 We meet "Nina", as Baby M will call my mom, and go walking.
7:45 We return home from our walk, and Baby M eats and takes a bath. My husband and I eat shortly after, and bedtime comes quickly.

There just doesn't seem to be any time in there for posting on the blog. School lets out in the beginning of June, so hopefully, blogging will become more frequent.

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