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Thursday, February 24, 2011

That's Life

Here's a quick update of my life right now, so you will understand why I have not been keeping up with this blog very well.

After the chaos that was last week, I thought this week would be a great week for getting back on track. I could not have been more wrong...

Sunday, I decided to go to a festival that was 2 hours away. We were out all day long, but I thought it would be fine, because Baby M and I could rest on Monday, since I had the day off of work. I also thought this would be a pretty monotonous week, so it wouldn't be a huge deal if I was exhausted all week.

However, on Monday, Baby M was in the process of cutting her first tooth, so there was no rest in our house. She also had a pretty raspy cough that had gotten worse, so I made her an appointment for Tuesday at 11:15. So, Monday afternoon, my husband was at the doctor to find out if he had a kidney stone. He was told he did not, and instead, he needed to have a test run that would cost almost $500. This was quite a shock and also quite painful. Then, at 2:00 Tuesday morning, I had to rush him to the ER for side pain that was excruciating. Three hours of waiting with Baby M, who was such a little trooper, and we find out... he has a kidney stone. (which basically renders the $500 test pointless) We then went home to repack the diaper bag and rest for a bit, and had to turn around to go to Baby M's appointment. The rest of the day was sort of a blur, and yesterday I stayed home to nurse both of my babies to health.

That being said, I will be weighing in tomorrow, and will be super excited to just maintain the past weight loss. Stress eating is generally not healthy. Just a little update, and I am praying for next week to be much better!

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