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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Are Carbohydrates the Enemy?

Carbohydrates are not the enemy to everyone. Some people can eat carbs all day, everyday, and never gain an ounce. However, for those of us who are affected negatively by carbs, we may sometimes feel that they are the enemy. We must learn the magic number. This is the number of carbs that we should stay under everyday in order to help us to maintain a healthy weight.

For some people, that may mean learning two magic numbers. The first is the number of carbs that they should stick to each day in order to lose the weight that they are wanting. Then, they must learn the number of carbs that they should stick to in order to maintain their new, healthy weight.

It seems like those of us who have to worry about carbs have such an unlucky lot in life. Think of it this way, though. We have already identified that carbs affect us in a negative way. So really, we are already on our way to a more healthy lifestyle. Look at the glass as being half full. Besides, your energy level should increase with the low-carb lifestyle. Therefore, instead of thinking that we have to watch what we eat, think of it as we choose to increase our energy, and the weight loss just goes along with the energy increase.

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