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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weight Loss Kit

I received my weight loss kit from Atkins on Tuesday. It contained various tools to aid me in my weight loss journey. The most interesting to me is this pocket carb count guide. It has the carb counts of various foods, including specific brands. I was impressed with it, and being now that my purse is huge because it contains new items, such as diapers and socks, I will be carrying it in my purse. It also had a quick start food guide. This is great for those who are new to the low-carb lifestyle. It helps you to better understand how to begin the low-carb journey. It's basically a mini-book on Atkins. It also included a nice recipe book full of chef recipes that can are for the various phases of the Atkins plan. I have looked through it, and there are some wonderful recipes for some great sounding meals in it. Finally, along with a coupon and rebate for the new book, there were three different Atkins bars. I am going to try each of them and see how I feel about them. I am a bit apprehensive to add them into my meal plan because the lowest carb count of the three is 16 carbs. However, in net carbs, the highest carb count is 3 net carbs. I know that they are pretty expensive, also. It can't hurt to try them, though, and maybe keep them at the house for when I just need some chocolate. After receiving the kit, though, I would highly recommend everyone go sign up for it. After all, it's free, and includes some great resources!

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